Posted by: Mark | August 31, 2008


About three five months ago, I was browsing around in Gramedia, primarily an Indonesian-language bookstore, when I found this book in a huge clearance rack of English novels.


Though I was incredibly tempted, I just couldn’t justify paying Rp36,000 for a book I could probably buy in Australia.

Two months ago, I went to Gramedia again, and noticed that the clearance books were still there. I found the book again, and decided to give it a more thorough examination. While I was reminscing about watching the show after school on TV1, this fell out.


A signed photo of Marcia Brady, apparently in her mid-30’s! My mind was flooded with questions. Is the signature real? Does every copy come with the photo? Why is there a photo of Marcia in a book written by Greg? At this point, I couldn’t resist, and was happy to fork over the four Australian dollars.

Let me tell you, this book is one compelling read, and the circumstances that lead to me obtaining it prompted me to make this journal entry. While looking for a page to use as an example, I found this, and knew there could be no better choice.

Enjoy, Sam!




  1. Very nice. “Look at that overacting dildo up there. She couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag!” “Bob … that’s my wife.” Hah, definitely the best example. Oh and much ❤ for RDA.

    I hope you have that signed photo of Marcia framed. You will be the envy of all the kids still living in the 70s (and the better part of the 80s)!

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