Posted by: Mark | March 26, 2008

Chowland 2

In Australia, I almost always drive myself, and my ability to stomach being a passenger is significantly reduced. In Indonesia, this is almost always the case when it comes to vehicles with more than two wheels. So on the windy four-hour trip up to the Cameron Highlands, I felt quite sick. After arriving, a long nap was had, before shopping, exploring, and, finally, the eating of curry!


Stayed here, in the village of Tanah Rata. Small place, not too much going on, but fresh.


There was a nice convent/schoolhouse up on the hill, from where the former photo was taken.

After a quiet first day, we left on a bus tour of the highlands early the next morning.


First was the Boh tea factory, set in the midst of lush green plantations. Bought some tea, had a look around, took some largely unflattering photos of me.


Next was the butterfly farm, but horrified at the thought of paying lots of money to see butterflies, we didn’t go in. So the above photo is at the honey farm.

The tour also included other things, a rose garden and a hydroponic strawberry farm, but those didn’t photo well. That afternoon, after the tour, we hustled back to town and took a bus to Kuala Lumpur, then on to Melaka for a total of about 8 hours. Managed to spill black pepper sauce on myself.


Melaka is a beautiful city, with lots of the things that I like. Old buildings, places of worship, unusual food and shopping, all available here.


The first thing I noticed about Melaka is that the becaks are hardcore. This one was pumping out Europe’s “The Final Countdown”. It made me so happy, but not so much as to pay the exorbitant cartel prices!


This church seemed out of place, but nice nonetheless. Named after St. Francis Xavier, who visited Melaka.


The town square, with the Stadthuys and Christ Church, a beautiful location with a windmill and fountain in memory of Queen Elizbeth.



They sure know how to do a temple right here. The stonework is amazing.

After one full day in Melaka, we left on the morning bus to Kuala Lumpur, for two days of shopping and eating. Fine with me!


To Kuala Lumpur, malls are an artform. I visited at least ten enormous ones while I was there, but bought very little that wasn’t edible. Unless you like tea or keyrings, don’t expect any souvenirs.

In conclusion, go to Malaysia, it’s good.



  1. I hope they had subwoofers in those carts.

    Also, did you find lots of pirated dvd’s in that KL shopping mall? And di you go to the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park??

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