Posted by: Mark | March 13, 2008

Chowland 1

I’ve sat down to write this a few times, but lost interest after only a couple of paragraphs in all (both) instances. As far as I can tell, it was a problem of depth. In an effort to fully illustrate my trip, I went into way too much detail, to the point where I was even bored writing it. While I was in Malaysia, Bintang took well over 600 photos; a few of these will provide a much richer portrait than an page full of my overly wordy paragraphs.


As much as a enjoy Jakarta at times, my preference would be to live in Kuala Lumpur. So many of Jakarta’s problems are rectified here. Public transport makes (more) sense. Traffic is a breeze, compared to constant macet. It’s cleaner, not so stiflingly hot, and in many, many ways, just that much more beautiful and friendly than the Big Durian.


Being a tourist, I was compelled to do tourist things, including a ride on the Eye on Malaysia. A beautiful setting, nice view of the city, and a friendly group of Thai evangelicals sharing our carriage made for an enjoyable afternoon.


Jalan Bukit Bintang, in the Bukit Bintang area, part of the Golden Triangle. The most jammed up I saw traffic during my stay, and about average for 3PM on a weekday in Yogya. Except with ten thousand less motorcycles. I didn’t stay here, but in Chinatown, which was cheaper. Bought two Subways on this street though!


Another tourist must, the Menara KL. Walked there in a roundabout fashion, Went up it, took a bunch of photos, watched the hilariously nationalistic video tour, and came down. It’s worth it, if you like that sort of thing, and I do.


Petronas Towers. Yup, it’s lumayan besar. The adjoining mall was too. Good gelato! Had a real yiros too.


A beautiful mosque indeed, and right in the middle of a bustling intersection. I think there is a light rail station underneath.


“Look closer Lenny!” “Oh, I know what it is; you’re the biggest man in the world now, and you’re covered in gold.” “Fourteen karat gold!”


After climbing a goodly number of stairs, one reaches the main of the Batu Caves, and a series of Hindu shrines. It’s a very fresh, natural place, though covered with trash which the ample number of caretakers go to no special lengths to clean. Scratched into the walls are graffiti, mostly names, a few misguided romantic gestures, and in one place, some very well carved Standard Mandarin characters. Largely depressing, but still, kudos on the last count!


Hinduism is a much more colourful religion than most. I appreciate that, but in all honestly, I enjoy Buddhist temples that much more. Just personal preference, and as luck would have it, there would be no shortage of specimens in Melaka.


More to come!



  1. Awesome… Chowland! sounds like my very own theme park.

    I hope you had plenty of Roti and Satays over in Malaysia!

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