Posted by: Mark | February 5, 2008


In the spirit of getting caught up on past events, here’s a retelling of the Christmas events for the kids at Gereja Kristen Kemah Daud (GKKD). I was roped into helping, then unanimously elected to be Santa Claus. Well, actually, I played Australian Santa Claus, and Adam played Papuan Santa Claus; two is better than one!


The hat and fake hair didnt entirely cover my increasingly unwieldy mane, breaking the whole illusion for me.

The agenda for the day was an art competition, ranging from basic colouring to freehand drawing depending on age, with a Christmas theme. The children, ranging from about 3 to 12, were divided into three groups and worked on their pictures for an hour or so.


Santa Claus “supervised”, scaring a number of innocent children in the process.

After the competition was a rest, then a couple of performances by the kids (surprisingly good). Next, there was a fairly disturbing hour-long sermon by some guy I’d never seen before, a lean, middle-aged chap with a high school quality moustache.


Ka Yus, who has a slightly better moustache than the other guy, presenting trophies to the oldest age group.

Finally it was time to wrap things up, and for a guy with a progressively worsening chest infection dressed as Santa in sweltering heat for four hours, that was a wonderful thing. The evening ended with one final act of group stupidity, in which parents crushed children while attempting to get these gift bags and magazines:


The aforementioned gift bags, ably guarded by Evi, contained approximately $1.20 worth of milk and snacks. Worth fighting for apparently!

All in all, an interesting day. Personally, I nabbed two gift bags. Hopefully I get called up to play the Easter bunny as well!


Wouldn’t be an Indonesian event without a team photo. Also note the ID tags, another Indonesian staple.


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