Posted by: Mark | December 30, 2007


I’m currently in Jakarta, procrastinating about attending a wedding, and writing this entry. I just got back from Malaysia, and as a bit of filler, I made this list of things I ate that are difficult or impossible for me to get in Yogyakarta, or even Jakarta. I will, however, make a full summary when I get home.

  • Nando’s (quite good)
  • Kenny Roger’s Roasters (incl. Macaroni and Cheese, but not very good)
  • Famosa Chicken Rice Ball (awful!)
  • Carl Jr.’s (this is a tasty burger, Brett)
  • Candy glazed fruits (not filling)
  • Curly fries (apparently not just something from TV/1990s Hungry Jacks)
  • Hot cinnamon donuts (as opposed to stale/mouldy ones with chocolate sprinkles)

More food to come!



  1. Do they have in malaysia?

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