Posted by: Mark | November 16, 2007


Yesterday, in my Perbandingan Politik lecture, the dosen arrived 30 minutes late, then proceeded to rip into the whole class about the introductions to their semester essays, handed in six weeks ago, by the way. This took us to the hour mark, whereupon he asked my name, then instructed me to write a seven page essay by next week, which will be presented to the class, in Indonesian. I have to make handouts, comparing the political party system in Australia and Indonesia, as well as the electoral system, and poll my fellow white people for their elections predictions. Did I mention its all in Indonesian? Of the class of 68 people, three have been chosen at random, and me on the basis of nationality, to write these papers, and present them over the coming four weeks. Oh, there are only four weeks of lectures left too. What do the other 64 people do? Who knows, there is no statement of assessment.

Anyway, it doesnt seem to matter, I have access to Wikipedia. I’m pretty sure that’s classed as the library at this uni. Printing all these handouts is going to cost me an arm and a leg though.



  1. hmm, not good to be the whitey over there eh?

    what about the other whities? don’t they get discriminated against?

  2. Do it all the night before?

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