Posted by: Mark | November 14, 2007


So, I’ve decided I want to stay a little longer than anticipated. Just until July-ish, no worries. I’m currently in the process of finding comparable classes, so I can get it all squared away before the Australian holiday break. I should be able to get it done, though it isn’t like a uni assignment, so I cant just knock it out the night before.

Oh yeah, for my Indonesian Political Power class, I got my first assessed piece of work. It’s going to be tough; a two page paper about any actor in the Indonesian political system. Oh yeah, and we have to do it in groups of eight. University is hilarious here. My Javanese lecturer fell over in class the other day, twice, once while ridiculing a Japanese guy for not being able to pronounce “kulo”. My Comparative Politics lecturer murmurs quietly into a turned-off microphone, and no one has the heart nor the interest to tell him. This is when he actually decides to come to class; three times out of a possible nine. I go to one of the three best universities in a country of 240 million people. It sure doesn’t feel like it!

One last point: it’s interesting that Indonesia has several months each year of nigh on daily rain, and they’ve had the foresight to build storm drains and deep gutters all over the place, though they don’t seem to recognize the need to stop filling them with leaves and rubbish. Twice this week I’ve had to walk home with kids swimming past me in flood waters. My shoes are getting really wet.

Oh, I bought a hot and cold water dispenser; it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought in Indonesia. I’ve been eating a lot of Pop Mie. Now I just need two pictures, one of SBY and another of Jusuf Kalla, to hang at the top of my wall. Other than that, my room still looks like a prison cell. That borders a chicken farm.



  1. Is Pop Mie instant noodles?

    And it sounds like uni over there is like everyone is a student… rocking up when you feel like, doing lazy amounts of work 🙂

    Poor Jap guy, hehehe, you should ask him about those Human Tetris tv game shows

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