Posted by: Mark | October 19, 2007


Wow, its been a long time. I haven’t seriously used the Internet in about a month now. Why? Well, because it isn’t in an adjacent room anymore. I can’t lie, I haven’t been particularly busy, just lazy. Rather than try to explain everything I did since my last update, lets just go over the key points.

Mt. Merapi
Yeah, I climbed it. Well, a little bit. Seeing as the Mountain God has been a little angry as of late, we could only go up half way. I’m going to get up there again though. It was a pretty easy stroll this time, and a good, if not great view. Also, I have the notable experience of having a beer and a kretek on the slopes of Merapi at 5:30am in the middle of Ramadan.


Nowhere to hide now, eh?

I went to Jakarta twice, firstly two weeks before Lebaran holidays. That time I did… not much. On Saturday I went shopping with Bintang at Seibu, in Plaza Indonesia. That night, we went out to dinner in Bekasi, where I loaded up on great Chinese food, fresh kelapa muda and sweet Martabak, which is a cross between a big crumpet and a pancake, fried and covered in Blue Band margarine, then chocolate sprinkles, then condensed milk, and finally chocolate syrup. It’s amazing, if not somewhat terrifying. After arriving on Friday by train, I left Sunday night by plane, after a race against time at about five kilometres an hour in macet traffic.

I came back to Jakarta, again on the train, the Wednesday before Hari Raya Idul Fitri. That commute was interesting, seeing the people clinging to the sides and roofs of the economy trains, arms hanging out of packed carriage windows, all from the comfort of my lightly populated executive train, heading in the opposite direction. Over the next week, I got to the top of another volcano, washed my feet in hot water springs on the side of said volcano, picked strawberries, rode a bajaj, wandered a mostly closed Glodok (which is the Jakarta of my imagination), made one successful attempt to climb Monas, and another not so successful, and most importantly of all, I finally ate dog! It was chewy, but okay. On my scale, better than horse, not as good as eel, about equal with turtle. But that’s all for next post, I’ve been at this warnet for five hours, and got nothing down. I downloaded the Secret of Monkey Island though!


This is the view from one side of Monas. It’s like this all the way around. Yeah, it’s pretty big, I guess.



  1. So is Bintang an acceptable just slightly unfortunate name? In the same context as someone in Australia being named Cooper or James Squire?

    I also like your dog eating style. I went camping this weekend, if you were curious. With my dad. We climbed Mt Remarkable but that’s not volcanic. Maybe in the past it was.

    Congrats on staying alive.

  2. Good to see you’re living it up over there.. sometimes!

    1.) Awesome, dog.

    2.) Awesome, Monkey Island.

    Ryan also updates his journal! very important news on there!

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