Posted by: Mark | August 29, 2007


Yesterday, I had my first real, Indonesian-style lecture. Monday was my language classes, just other foreigners, but Tuesday saw me taking Kekuatan Politik Indonesia, or Indonesian Political Power. Happily enough, the lecturer wasnt talking too fast, and the concepts weren’t particularly difficult. However, I didnt quite catch everything. Luckily, there are four other orang asing in the same classes, so collectively we should be able to figure out what’s going on. Even more luckily, the guy sitting behind me went to high school in Gawler for a year, played football, and speaks excellent English. I need to make better friends with this guy.

Today, in about an hour, I have Bahasa Jawa untuk Orang Asing, or Javanese for Foreign Devils. So, that shouldnt be too hard. However, tomorrow I have an upper-level class, in which I’m expecting to be the only bule. This is cause for concern, but hopefully they’ll take into account that I only understand half of what’s going on. I’m aiming for 70%, but its a struggle.



  1. I can’t wait for the just twist where you begin a group assignment and are slowly isolated and then kicked from the group by the locals.

  2. Hehe, you’ll have to write more about these classes on Foreign Devils when you attend some more.

    Also, please write a small curry review for me! Indian curry if you can.

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