Posted by: Mark | August 21, 2007


Well, I’m here. I got to Jakarta at 8ish on Friday night. Getting through customs was easy, seeing as I declared nothing but met malem the whole way. My bags were shipped directly from Adelaide through Sydney to Jakarta, which lead to confusion and a shameful trip to the lost baggage department. However, everything made it through in one piece.

Saturday was nice and relaxing, well, so much as Jakarta can ever be. Perhaps the highlight of the day was at a small convenience store near my hotel, where I finally experienced the often-cited in Lonely Planet practice of giving candy in place of change.

I made it to Jogja on Saturday afternoon, and after a scenic ride through the south of the city to wisma gadjah, arrived at our guest house, which is in the north of the city and named wisma gadjah mada. The other anak ACICIS seem quite nice, it’s been good hanging out with them while getting acclimatised.

In other news, I came to the now fairly obvious realisation that a shower with hot water isn’t that great when the cold water doesn’t work.


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